16 Health and Fitness Books to Inspire You

16 Health and Fitness Books to Inspire You

health and fitness books www.whitneyodolo.comThis is a list of health and fitness books that I highly recommend reading for encouragement, knowledge, and enjoyment. When starting a healthy lifestyle, it is important to surround yourself with those whom lifestyles align with what you are trying to attain. However, our friends and family are not always good examples.

That’s okay!

Neither was mine. And that reason (or any reason) should not keep you from living a healthier lifestyle.

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If you happen to be lacking the physical environment to stay on the straight path, then there are other means such as documentaries, books, podcasts, and blogs to keep the message reinforced. Just having the material there during tough times can make a difference in your success.

These 16 health and fitness books are great reads that will encourage you to stick with a healthy lifestyle change and reap all the wonderful benefits that come with them.


16 Health and Fitness Books to Inspire You

Written by Doctors

While word of mouth is good to hear, from time to time, we prefer to see the facts. These books are detailed and full of information on the why, what and how regarding the food that we eat.


Cooking is probably the hardest part when making the switch. We have to learn what foods we should pile our plates with and what foods we should limit to special occasions. These cookbooks can offer a step in the right direction.


Nourishing your body with the proper food is important. However, it is just as important to move and exercise your body. Low impact exercises such as walking and yoga are beneficial to implement, while cardio or strength training may be appealing to others.

Bonus: Documentaries

Honestly, there are only so many books you can read at a time. A documentary is a great way to offer a fresh point of view on the subject. Check out these wonderful documentaries that are filled with tons of information.




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