3 Eating Habits To Break For Weight Loss

3 Eating Habits To Break For Weight Loss

eating habits to stop to lose weight www.whitneyodolo.comAs adults, we all struggle with eating right for weight loss. There are thousands of books, magazines, infomercials, people and companies telling us what to eat, how many times to eat, and at what time to eat.

Ugh! It’s easily overwhelming.

We can spend months exercising and making seemingly better-eating choices just to come up short. The scale won’t budge. We’re still in the same dress size. You get it… it feels like wasted effort.

Thankfully, not all is lost. In fact, just by correcting three eating habits that you may be doing, can improve your weight loss efforts.

Whether you want to lose those last 5 pounds or 20 pounds, these simple three eating habits to break for weight loss will provide you the means to efficiently increase your overall weight loss efforts.


#1 Snacking

How many snacks have you had today? You know, those 2 handfuls of nuts mid-morning, that bite or two of cake to tide you over until dinner, or how about that bag of chips right before bed?

We don’t want to admit it, but mindlessly snacking through the day can easily be sabotaging our weight loss efforts. In an effort to combat that, try doing away with snacking altogether or allow only one low-fat snack a day.

Not sure what kind of snack options to choose from? Vegetables like bell peppers, celery, cucumber, and carrots are great snack options. They are delicious paired with oil-free hummus.


#2 Drinking Calories

You’d be surprised of how many calories you slurp away while watching tv, riding in the car, or hanging out with friends. A lot! Even at a typical restaurant you probably get about 2 or 3 drink refills during your meal.

In case you’re wondering, yes this includes smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, lattes and the like. The calories are there.

My advice?

Stop it.

Switch to water and learn to enjoy it. There are so many benefits to drinking water that actually helps your body from the inside out. Another great option is unsweetened tea. There are many varieties of tea to choose from including the popular Twining’s Green Tea. If green tea isn’t your thing, try other options such as Oolong tea or a fruit flavored tea.

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#3 Eating Fast Food

Eating out can do more than drain your wallet, it can damage your health. The fried foods, rich and decadent desserts, appetizers and huge portions can easily increase your waist line.

When you’re eating out, the only control you have is what you want to eat. The food your served could be laden with oils, butter, high-fat sauces and many other hidden fat calories.

It is easy to avoid all of that by preparing your food at home. There are many delicious and healthy recipes found online and in cookbooks. Try cooking a new recipe every weekend. Bonus points if you involve the whole family.

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To finalize things, when trying to lose weight you want the efforts you put into not be in vain. By implementing the eating habits to break for weight loss which includes eliminating snacking, not drinking calories and avoiding the temptation to eat fast food you can make drastic improvements for weight loss.

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Do you have any eating habits to break?