exercises to do without going to the gym www.whitneyodolo.comMany people change their lifestyle and immediately complicate their lives for no reason. They sign up for gym memberships and began attending workout classes or boot camps.

While I am not against joining a gym by any means, I know that with a lifestyle change, you need to work things into your lifestyle.

Driving to the gym gets boring quick. Not only that but to think that my fitness level could take a plunge if I decide to spend a month away from my gym is another reason to look towards an active lifestyle.

Instead of doing the obvious, let’s take a look at activities that will offer the benefit of exercise while having fun.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or health professional. The information shared here should not be seen as professional advice. You should consult a medical professional, health professional, and/or doctor before making any decisions about your health. 


#1 Badminton

We have a net in our backyard for playing sports. Helping us to release our competitive nature by playing badminton is fun and leads to a good sweat session. You will be surprised at how quickly an hour passes. This is a fun activity and is fun for all fitness levels. Start playing today and get your set here!


#2 Gardening

Have you worked in a garden before? Lifting, bending, planting and digging are all movements that will give you a total body workout while having a wonderful time. It is also very therapeutic and relaxing as well.


#3 Hiking

Lacing up your boots and hiking a trail is a great way to change scenery and add different inclines throughout a walk. Grab some friends and water bottles for a day of fun, sightseeing, and exploration that everyone will enjoy.


#4 Walking the dog

If hiking is too adventurous for you then grab the dog and walk around the neighborhood. Not only is the walk good for your furry pal, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the neighbor’s ever-changing landscape. A brisk pace can ensure that you and your dog get a great workout in.


#5 Biking

Riding a bike is a wonderful past time. It allows you to quickly race down the street or enthusiastically make your way up a steep hill. It is an activity that is great to do alone or with a friend or two. A great way to get more miles out of your bike is to think of it as transportation. I like to attach my phone safely to my bike instead of risking it falling out of my pocket. You can grab one found here.


non gym workouts Sports

Soccer, basketball, or volleyball all make awesome activities. They can be played in the backyard with friends or at the recreation center on a team. While these three are the most played in our household, they are many sports to choose from.


#7 Rollerblading / Skating

My local mall has an ice skating rink that is fun for the whole family. A few miles down the road is a rollerblading rink that adds flashy lights and popular music to create an enjoyable night that everyone will love. Or if you prefer to, stick on your skates and head out the front door.


#8 Swimming

We like to spend a lot of time in the pools in the summer. I am a not the best swimmer but I love getting in the pool to do some practicing. If you enjoy spending time in the water, you can look into water aerobics or other water-related activities for a change of pace.


#9 Washing the Car

With the craze of the automatic car washes, we are missing a vital opportunity to spend time with our loved ones while saving money. When you’re washing your car you are bending, stooping, and scrubbing, among other movements to get the job done. Next time your car needs washing, join your husband outside.


Don’t let typical workouts bore you, go out and make memories while you burn calories.

There is no need to do the same thing over and over every week.

Create an active lifestyle starting with things you enjoy doing already like gardening, walking the dog or washing the car. By creating an active lifestyle outside of the gym, you can be happy knowing that a few weeks away from the gym won’t mean extra pounds on your body frame.

However, if you are interested in a gym, make sure that you check out this post on how to create a home gym without spending a lot of money or needing a lot of space.


What activities do you enjoy in your active lifestyle? Leave it in the comments!