About Whitney

I have struggled with my weight and my looks for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories of being overweight were when relatives would buy my sisters and me clothes for holidays. I always remembered getting sweatpants or clothing that I felt was boyish. Years would go by and I would continue to struggle with off and on bouts of dieting, weight loss drinks, exercise tapes, and grueling workouts. (Sigh) Only to gain the weight back as soon as I got tired of following the regimen.


This blog is my attempt to recover from that life and create one that is full of sustainable changes that produce the body that I always wanted.

Of course, this means falling in love with healthy food and being active, even if that is 30 minutes of badminton in the backyard. It means passing on the cake and opting for an apple most of the time.

But most of all, it means making that change because I know that my health and life is worth it.

If you have ever struggled with losing weight, ditching diets, or living a healthier lifestyle then this blog is for you.
Whether you’ve gained weight over the years or are just looking to get back into shape, join me on this journey filled with tips and encouragement to help you reach your goals.