A Beginner’s Guide to Non-Toxic Beauty Products


There are thousands of products on the shelves when you walk into the store, each one in a prettier label than the first. They promise beautiful skin, healthy hair and underarm dryness that lasts up to 24 hours. But at what expense?

Have you thought to look on the back of the bottle to read the ingredient list?

Many of you probably don’t. In fact, many years ago I didn’t either.

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What Changed?

It all started when I was in Jr. High School. I picked up a popular brand of soap at the local store and went home to use it that night.

Big mistake!

I broke out in a horrible itchy rash that lasted for days. My skin was red, sore and broken from the scratching. It was a bad experience but it would not be the turning point for me.

Before I finally educated myself about the things I was putting on my body, I would suffer more painful encounters like the one above, including a grueling underarm breakout that took me on a four-year journey to finally get it right.

whitneyodolo.com non-toxic beauty products

Why You Should Care.

The skin is the largest organ on the human body. It absorbs the products we put on it, it takes in the pollution of the air and in that same breath, it expels toxins as a means to rid us of unhealthy substances. The skin is magical in its own sense. However, slathering chemical laden soaps, moisturizers, conditioners, and creams can burden and stress the body.

You may be asking yourself what the big deal is? Well, those ingredients can have a negative impact on your health and lead to ailments that can harm you, your family or loved ones. Is it really worth the risk?


Are You Ready To Get Started?

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to provide you with information to help you choose non-toxic beauty products. This is a beginners list and the products listed below are ones that I highly recommend and have personally used myself. Please keep in mind that these products are not the only products to choose from, they are just ones that I have really enjoyed.

There are many products out there that are non-toxic. Finding non-toxic beauty products that work for you is a learning process.

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My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products


Soaps & Body Washes

I love a good soap and body wash! I have two brands that I am obsessed with and I keep both of them in the shower at all times. I have been using these brands for a few years and I just can’t say enough good things about them.

The great thing about both of the brands is that they come in both bar soap and liquid soap form and each brand offer a variety of scents. In fact, you will see both of these brands in other areas of this guide. (They are that good!)





A great moisturizer ensures that skin remains soft, hydrated, and smooth to the touch. I alternate between 3 different moisturizers throughout the year depending on the season and how my skin feels.

I love to use a creamy Shea butter like this one during the fall, winter, and spring. If you want a scented Shea butter, try this one out. I love the feel of it and how potent the scent is. If you prefer a lighter moisturizer, then Jojoba oil is a perfect choice.



I have spent many years trying to find a deodorant that actually worked for me. I have tried various brands of natural deodorants that have led to either dry underarm skin, irritations, rashes or flat-out not working (eeek!). That’s why I am so thankful to have found something that works. The only thing I use for deodorant is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I like to keep it in a glass spray bottle and spray 1 or 2 pumps under my arms.





Terressentials Mud Wash

RA Cosmetics 100% Liquid Black Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Baby Unscented Liquid Soap



Conditioner and Styler

I have thick, curly hair that tangles every chance it gets. Believe me when I say that conditioner was the last thing I replaced. To be honest, I had a good reason. I needed it for detangling purposes. No questions asked.

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Hair Tea Detangler Blend works great! I also make my own with marshmallow root, burdock root, and rosemary. The way I make it is like slippery water, but it can be boiled long enough to create a thick gel for styling.

Another option for conditioning and styling is the use of oils and butters. I use Shea Butter which conditions and styles my hair.


Now that you have a good starting point for non-toxic beauty products covering soap, moisturizers, hair care and more, go and try them out. I really hope that the information is a helpful starting point for many of you. Lastly, the Environmental Working Group or EWG Database is a wonderful site to go to in order to see what products are scored as.


Tell me! What is your favorite non-toxic beauty products? 









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