How To Create A Home Gym Without Clutter

How To Create A Home Gym Without Clutter

create a home gym with no space www.whitneyodolo.comWhile losing weight has a lot to do with the food you eat, toning and shaping up your body has more to do with the exercises that you do.

If you’re like me, a 15-minute drive to the gym and back home is not very appealing. In fact, this usually ends up one way: I won’t bother going.

While I end up saving money on gas, membership fees, and time; I am neglecting my physical health.

What Can You Do?

You can create a home gym. While it sounds overwhelming to have a gym in your home, it does not have to be. These items are great for doing a variety of workouts that can be tailored to the time that you have available.

Benefits Of Having A Home Gym?

  • Save money on monthly gym membership fees.
  • Save time by being able to work out in the comfort of your home.
  • Have the ability to work out any time during the day.
  • Purchase your equipment once and use them for years.

If working out at home and getting in shape is something that you would love to do then I am here to tell you, you can! This list was created for those who want to create a home gym on a budget without spending a lot of money or using a lot of space.


#1 Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is great to have when doing yoga, pilates, or other floor exercises. This extra large high density cushioned mat is perfect for those who have always struggled with the lack of comfort that you get with some yoga mats. This ProSource Premium mat is a great buy.


#2 Treadmill

In some areas the winters are harsh and the rainy season seems like its never-ending. However, having a treadmill at home can ensure that you can get your walk in at any time during the day. Electric treadmills can be both bulky and expensive, but this manual treadmill is a great price and gets the job done. We were able to get ours at our local Walmart for under $70. It can also be folded and stored under your bed for quick storage.


#3 Adjustable Dumbbells

As you lose weight, tone up, and shape your body, it will become apparent that 15-pound weights will no longer be challenging. Enter these awesome adjustable dumbbells by Bowflex. With adjustable dumbbells, you no longer have to store multiple sets of weights that take up precious space and clutter your area. They go up to 52 pounds so you can adjust them as you get stronger.


#4 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are typically used instead of dumbbells in some workout programs. They are inexpensive and lightweight making them ideal for traveling with. I love these exercise resistance bands because they come with a workout guide that you can use.


#5 Workout Videos

A great workout video can take you far in your fitness journey. Whether you are looking for something low impact or high paced, a workout DVD can be the right fit for you. The great thing about using workout videos is that there is a wide variety to choose from. You can banish boredom with the click of a button.


Do you work out at home? What is one item that you must have in your home gym?



  1. October 31, 2017 / 12:09 pm

    Yes! This is perfect. I have to have dumb bells, but I’m thinking about getting some weights now. All for working out at home though 😉 I even have a couple of blog posts on working out at home too!

    Thanks for sharing


    • Whitney
      October 31, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      Thanks Taylor! Working out at home is so convenient! I checked out your blog and I love your pictures!