Welcome to the Resource page of my blog! Here you will find a list of the companies, services, and products that I use or recommend using. I hope you find these resources useful.



SiteGround – I use SiteGround for my blog and I love them! They have fast 24/7 customer support with nearly 100% customer satisfaction rates, amazing uptime, and 1-click WordPress install. If you are serious about blogging and possibly making an income from it in the future, I highly recommend SiteGround for your self-hosted blog. Plans start at $3.95 a month. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

Beautiful Dawn Designs – If you are looking for professional, feminine, and beautiful themes then look no further than Beautiful Dawn Designs. They offer step-by-step tutorials to help you get your theme looking exactly like the demo versions. I have purchased both the Enamored and Jacqueline themes as well. These themes are perfect for beginner and intermediate bloggers. You can check out the selection of themes here.

Blog Finance Spreadsheet – From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to make money from my blog and I needed an easy way to keep track of it. Enter these wonderful Blog Finance Spreadsheets by SixFiguresUnder. They track income earned, income received and expenses. I have been using this spreadsheet and it has allowed me to keep the financial side of blogging organized. You can get these Blog Finance Spreadsheets for a one-time price and they include lifetime updates!

Blog By Number Course + Ebook – This is one of the first courses I purchased. There is a ton of value for the beginner blogger who wants to spend minimum time and get amazing results! Suzi holds your hand and walks you step-by-step in order to launch a professional and successful blog. The Blog By Number course consists of 12 modules and the Blog By Number eBook is over 140+ pages of helpful content! Did I mention that she also grew her blog from $0 to $11,000 per month!

How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul  – This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to earn a living from their blog. This book covers a variety of topics from how to create compelling content to driving traffic to your blog and more. Each chapter ends with actionable steps to take to help you create a blog that earns a profit. How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul has everything you need to start and grow a successful blog. Grab it here.





E-bates – This is a must-have tool to earn free CASH BACK on online and in-store purchases! E-bates sends your savings via checks through the mail or deposits the money in your PayPal account. I always try to make my purchases online so that I can take advantage of the cash back.  Sign up through my link today and receive a free $10 cash back!



Book Flipper Tracking Spreadsheet – I began using the spreadsheet early on in my Amazon business. I purchased it for a one-time fee and have been impressed with the capabilities that it offers. This spreadsheet quickly and easily creates income statements, analyzes your profits by sales rank, measure your Cost of Goods Sold, view your return rates, measure your inventory turn rates, and so much more. You can grab the sheet here.