How to Save Money on Food

How to Save Money on Food

Housing, transportation, and food. Those are the 3 major expenses that take up the most money. While housing and transportation each deserve a post of their own, today the focus is on the food. And believe me, it’s important to save money on food.


Well, because the food is something that we can take control of right now. Yet, it can easily exceed our rent or transportation costs in 2 weeks.

Whether you are looking to curb your food budget or stretching money to make it to the end of the month, then this post is for you.

Here are 6 tips on how to save money on food.


Tip #1 – Create a Shopping List at Home

Plan meals for the week and then create a shopping list from it. I know, it sounds simple but most people wing it when hitting the grocery store. It always ends with more food that cost more but won’t last the entire week. Been there, done that! Next time, create a shopping list. Your wallet will thank you.

Simply write down everything you need to buy and stick to the list. If you plan out your meals ahead of time, then you know all the ingredients, sauces, vegetables, grains, and proteins that you need.


Tip #2 – Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are expensive (when compared to home cooked meals) and unhealthy. It is best to avoid them all together. Your favorite meals can be easily made at home and produce more food at a fraction of the cost of the prepackaged versions.

I have found that by recreating my favorite take out meals at home, gives me the ability to eat guilt free and know exactly what is in the food I am eating.

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Tip #3 – Purchase Bulk Items

Bulk items can be purchased at membership-only shopping centers, however, they do not have to be. Items such as rice, beans, lentils, and potatoes are typically low-cost bulk items. Create meals around these items or use them to round out other meals.

For example, we keep brown rice, chapati flour, dried beans, lentils, and unga on hand. These items are great for making bulking up meals or rounding out dishes.


Tip #4 – Eat the Same Thing for One Meal

Find one meal that can be streamlined and do it. Not sure how to? Cook and eat oatmeal for breakfast every day or rice and beans for lunch. This allows bulk purchases of plain oatmeal or rice and beans which are cheap and come in bulk. These items can be further enhanced with the addition of fruit, tomatoes, onions, and spices. Here are some of my favorite options:

  • Oatmeal and Fruit
  • Steamed vegetables and rice
  • A fried egg with avocado and toast
  • Rice and beans

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Tip #5 – Make Beverages at Home

This one goes out to the coffee lovers! Don’t hide, I can spot them when I see them. Recreate your favorite recipe and make it at home. Experiment with other beverages such as chai, ginger tea, fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice, or plain tea.

The options are really endless and you can make hot or cold beverages to suit your taste.


Tip #6 – Is There Room for Dessert?

What budget would be complete without dessert? No need to get radical here and lunge for the Oreos and Cheesecake. We are avoiding processed and expensive remember? Instead, consider making homemade brownies, cookies, or fruit crumbles.

I have found that the easiest thing for me to make is brownies. It’s also a plus that I love to eat them!


In Closing

Spending money on food can easily get out of hand. If you work in these easy tips, not only will you unearth your inner cook but the money saved on groceries will begin to show almost immediately. Who said that enjoying good food had to be expensive? Not over here.


What tips do you use to save money on groceries?